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At times there is more tooth structure loss than is ideally restored by fillings alone. If this is the case a crown or “cap” may be recommended. A crown is a two visit procedure in which the outer portion of the tooth is taken down in order to allow for a shell specific to your bite to be made and permanently placed over the tooth. They are tooth colored in appearance and blend naturally with your smile.


Fillings are placed in teeth to restore the original form and function after tooth structure loss has occurred. This can be due to breakage, decay (“cavities”), or misshaped teeth. Fillings can be tooth colored in appearance and unnoticable.
Maintaining and restoring your natural teeth is beneficial to your health for many reasons. There are different treatment options depending on the extent of tooth loss and your goals for a healthy smile.

Root Canal Therapy

Root canals are not as terrible as their reputation precedes them to be. When the vital structure of the tooth has become infected or died it needs to be cleaned then sealed to maintain the tooth. This can be done as pain- free as other dental procedures and allows you to retain the tooth for many more years.
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Tooth Restorations

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Tooth Replacement

Removable Partial


Removable partial dentures are a great alternative to fixed bridges. At times a fixed replacement is not an option to replace teeth and a removable partial denture is another option. A removable appliance will also replace teeth across the arch all in one.

Complete Dentures

Unfortunately complete tooth loss is a reality. We can help you get back your smile and function with dentures. We will help you to feel comfortable and confident in your everyday life.

Implant Crowns

As an alternative to bridges, a fixed single tooth replacement option often includes implant dentistry. Dental Implants are also used in conjunction with complete dentures to increase retention and comfort.


A bridge is a permanent fixed option that is bonded to the teeth located on either side of a missing tooth. Essentially it is two crowns attached to a tooth that “bridges” a space. The procedure is much like a crown.
Your Oral health has huge implications on your overall health. Regular dental visits are important in establishing a healthy lifestyle. At your routine hygiene visit you can expect a dental cleaning and examination including an oral cancer screening and necessary
radiographs. Vikki and Leighann also are thorough in discussing proper homecare routines and oral health education. Our goal is to give you personalized recommendations for your oral health including the frequency with which we should see you, configure a dental treatment plan, and answer your questions or concerns.
Diagnosis and Treatment planning are essential to your dental health. Our scope of treatment includes dental cleanings, radiographs, tooth restoration by fillings or crowns, tooth replacement
by removable appliances such as complete or partial dentures, or fixed options, such as, bridges or implant restoration. We also perform root canal therapy, extractions and Invisalign.